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Automatically connect and follow up with targeted LinkedIn users on Scale. Never miss a good prospecting opportunity again.

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Effortless, Efficient & Intuitive Automation

Automate your LinkedIn recruiting, networking and lead generation processes in a seamless cloud-based experience. AimFox packs a robust set of features including unlimited campaigns, integrated inbox, conversion optimization, and in-depth analytics, all easily accessible from anywhere through your user friendly dashboard.

Save time by automating your LinkedIn outreach

Search for LinkedIn prospects directly through a fully integrated in-app Targeting System, filter out your target audience, and launch an unlimited number of campaigns - without ever having to switch back and forth between LinkedIn and AimFox.

Find your ideal prospects directly inside the AimFox app, without ever having to switch back and forth between LinkedIn and AimFox.

Filter out your audience and launch an unlimited number of outreach campaigns in a matter of minutes, all in one place.

Easily organize & follow up with your leads

AimFox is fully synchronized with Linkedin’s live chat, allowing you to stay organized, manage all your ongoing conversations, and respond to new leads straight from your Inbox.

Engage with the right audience using personalized messaging

AimFox believes in making LinkedIn automation effortless, intuitive, and user-friendly - and our dashboard reflects that. There are no steep learning curves or hard-to-use controls. With AimFox, you get a simple but fully functional, easy-to-navigate dashboard.

Ready to put your LinkedIn outreach on auto-pilot?

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Use-Cases that fit Your Business

If you want to scale your business - we got you! AimFox is built for individuals, entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses and everything in between. LinkedIn is the best place to build connections and get meaningful conversions, and AimFox takes care of the heavy lifting for you.


AimFox can help you get a reliable and steady stream of high-quality leads and scale your startup fast - without having to scale your team.

Sales Teams

Find your ideal prospects, spark qualified conversations, convert them into customers, and meet (and exceed) your sales goals with AimFox.

Recruiters & HR

Manual prospecting takes time - time that is better spent elsewhere. Leverage AimFox’s robust features to reach out to qualified job seekers and connect with your future team members.


Freelancing is hard work - and finding new customers is even harder. AimFox helps you put yourself in front of the right audience and grow your professional network without putting in the hours.

Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

You can't scale a business without a little hustle. The problem? It takes a lot of time to find qualified leads, follow up with them and convert them into paying customers. Automate your day-to-day with AimFox and spend your time doing what matters.

Digital Marketing Agencies

Generate hot leads for your clients, help them grow, build brand awareness or conquer an entirely new sales channel. AimFox automates your LinkedIn prospecting efforts while you focus on content, business development and marketing strategy.

Would you trade a full course meal for a full time Sales Rep?

AimFox saves you dozens of hours of LinkedIn prospecting every month.

Standard Plan


/month per account

Get Started In Just Three Steps

You can get started and launch your first LinkedIn campaign in a matter of minutes. We promise a no-hassle setup - as easy as one-two-three.

Create your account

Create your AimFox account in less than a minute, thanks to our hassle-free setup process.

Launch a campaign

Identify your target audience using our advanced filters and launch your outreach campaign.

Get quality leads

Get quality leads delivered straight to your dashboard and manage all your connections there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely – using AimFox has no impact on your LinkedIn experience. You can still post and engage with other users. In fact, it’s encouraged, since it will make all your connections that much more meaningful and it will be easier to convert leads and grow your network.

No – AimFox runs in the background even when you close your browser. Since it’s a cloud-based application, you also do not need to install anything on your device or browser.

AimFox runs in the cloud, meaning you do not have to install anything in order to use it. You do not need an app, or a browser extension, and AimFox runs in the background even when you close your browser. It’s as simple as it gets.

No, AimFox works for all LinkedIn accounts, you do not need to have an active LinkedIn subscription in order to automate your lead generation. Of course, AimFox is fully compatible with LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Recruiter.

This is a hard question. Linkedin reserves the right to change their allowed number of daily Connection Requests at any time, so this answer will change from time to time. AimFox automatically checks what the allowed maximum number of Connection Requests is every day, and never goes over that limit.

There’s no better wingman on LinkedIn!

Stop wasting your time on manual prospecting. Put your business networking on auto-pilot with Aimfox. You just sit back and watch qualified leads come straight to you. Sign up and start your 14-day trial today!