A Powerful Set Of Features That Gives Us An Edge

We’ve worked hard on developing our software and making it the leading Cloud-based tool for automating lead generation and management on LinkedIn. A robust set of features, unlimited campaigns, comprehensive analytics, advanced safety, and an intuitive dashboard coupled with a dedicated support team - AimFox is everything you need to automate your outreach campaigns fully. Take your LinkedIn journey to the next level with us.

Fully Cloud-based & Mobile-Friendly

AimFox works without the need to install any software, browser extensions, or having to jump between browser tabs to copy and paste information. You can set up your outreach campaigns directly in your dashboard, whether you’re on desktop or mobile. Needless to say, AimFox does not require you to keep its browser tab open, and it works 24/7 - or whatever time you tell it to!

Web notifications are fully supported, so you can always stay updated on your campaign progress.

Personalized Campaigns on Autopilot

There’s nothing worse than a generic sales pitch or cold InMail. You know it, we know it, everyone knows it. AimFox campaigns let you personalize your Connection Notes, InMails and follow up Messages to make sure the conversation starts off the right way - with a personal touch.

Message templates also support A/B testing so you can compare them and see what works best for you. More data - more conversions!

In-App Search & Targeting

Tired of jumping back and forth between LinkedIn and the automation tool you’re currently using? We get it, copying URLs and scraping leads with a Browser Extension can be a pain. With AimFox’s built-in search, you can set up an outreach campaign and get up to 2500 search results at a time, straight from LinkedIn - all without ever having to leave your dashboard.

All LinkedIn filters are supported by default, so you can find the exact audience you want to target, every time.

You deserve a break from manual prospecting. Why not let us handle it?

AimFox was developed to help business owners, like yourself, grow their professional network and generate hot leads on auto-pilot. Let us take care of LinkedIn prospecting for you and take a well deserved break, or use your newfound free time to focus on other aspects of your business. Sign up and start your free 14-day trial today!

Conversion Rate Optimization Features

Everyone can send out a storm of connection requests or InMails and hope for the best. We went a step further and developed tools that let you optimize them to get the best possible conversion rates.

A/B tests let you find the best performing Connection Note, InMail and Message templates.

Timeline Optimization ensures that all your connection requests and messages are sent out when your LinkedIn prospects are most likely to see them and respond. Your campaign run times are automatically adjusted to get you the most bang for your buck.

Leads CRM & Integrated Inbox

Strong outreach is great, but converting your leads is all about building a connection with them. You can easily chat with your LinkedIn Connections in our integrated Inbox, and Leads CRM you can manage all of your LinkedIn leads in one place. Filter your leads based on their origin campaigns, tag them, leave notes for easy follow-ups, and more! When we say “Everything you need in one place,” we mean it!

In-Depth Analytics

Good data promotes good decisions. AimFox lets you effortlessly monitor your campaign performance, response rates, conversions and track your Leads all in one place.

Optimizing your LinkedIn campaigns relies on having the data to make meaningful improvements over time - and your home page has all you need to make those decisions

Get detailed stats for every single campaign, message template, and know exactly where your Leads came from!

Get Started In Three Quick-And-Easy Steps

You can get started and launch your first LinkedIn campaign in a matter of minutes. We promise a no-hassle setup - as easy as one-two-three.

Create your account

Create your AimFox account in less than a minute, thanks to our hassle-free setup process.

Launch a campaign

Identify your target audience using our advanced filters and launch your outreach campaign.

Get quality leads

Get quality leads delivered straight to your dashboard and manage all your connections there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely – AimFox is designed to keep your LinkedIn Account secure while you’re promoting your business. However, while AimFox follows all LinkedIn activity limits and is built to keep your account safe, it is your sole responsibility to follow LinkedIn guidelines and policies related to using third party tools, and you do so at your own risk.

This is a hard question. Linkedin reserves the right to change their allowed number of daily Connection Requests at any time, so this answer will change from time to time. AimFox automatically checks what the allowed maximum number of Connection Requests is every day, and never goes over that limit.

No, AimFox works for all LinkedIn accounts, you do not need to have an active LinkedIn subscription in order to automate your lead generation. Of course, AimFox is fully compatible with LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Recruiter.

AimFox runs in the cloud, meaning you do not have to install anything in order to use it. You do not need an app, or a browser extension, and AimFox runs in the background even when you close your browser. It’s as simple as it gets.

No – AimFox runs in the background even when you close your browser. Since it’s a cloud-based application, you also do not need to install anything on your device or browser.

Absolutely – using AimFox has no impact on your LinkedIn experience. You can still post and engage with other users. In fact, it’s encouraged, since it will make all your connections that much more meaningful and it will be easier to convert leads and grow your network.

Never. AimFox will only reach out to a single user one time. If they were part of one of your campaigns, they will never be able to enter a different one. Users that are already part of a different campaign will show up in your Targeting Preview dropdown, and you can see exactly who was excluded from the campaign.

There’s no better wingman on LinkedIn!

Stop wasting your time on manual prospecting. Put your business networking on auto-pilot with Aimfox. You just sit back and watch qualified leads come straight to you. Sign up and start your 14-day trial today!