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Unlocking the Power of TeamLink Extend on LinkedIn: Everything You Need to Know

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LinkedIn has revolutionized the way we search for jobs and internships by granting us access to leading companies and professionals. It enables us to enhance our professional network and develop new skills.

The best part is that LinkedIn continuously introduces some advanced features to improve the overall user experience. One of its latest features is TeamLink Extend, which will assist you in expanding your network opportunities.

But, if you don’t know what TeamLink Extend is on LinkedIn and how you can use it, don’t worry.

This article will teach you to use this new feature like a pro!

Understanding TeamLink Extend: What Is It?

Before we start explaining the new feature TeamLink Extend, let’s first understand what TeamLink is and how we can use it:

Teamlink is a feature of a Sales navigator team account. It allows users to connect with people they want to meet through the user’s connections or sales team network, even without a direct connection.

It shows which of your team members has a Sales Navigator license and is directly connected to the lead. You can quickly identify who can assist you in making a warm introduction to potential leads and contacts.

TeamLink Extend allows anyone at your company to add their LinkedIn network to TeamLink. This means that when they do so, you’ll have access to your entire team’s connections. The feature enables companies to expand their TeamLink network by adding connections that do not require full Sales Navigator capabilities.

Using LinkedIn, you can find new jobs, learn new skills, and find new connections.

On the other hand, TeamLink and TeamLink Extend can assist in connecting with target individuals and sending warm introductions through your entire team’s network.

How TeamLink Extend Works

If you are granted a TeamLink Extend seat, you will receive an email invitation to join. If you accept the invitation, this means that other Sales Navigator users in your organization can see who you are connected with and ask for an introduction.

This way, you can expand your network and meet potential clients or partners.

Key Features and Benefits

With Teamlink Extend, users can leverage their colleagues’ networks to expand their own professional network.

The tool is useful for professionals who wish to broaden their outreach and meet individuals in related fields. It also allows users to access a network of professionals within their organization.

By expanding their reach and increasing the number of potential warm introductions, users can increase their professional connections and unlock new opportunities for growth and success.

Activating TeamLink Extend on Your Profile

TeamLink is turned on by default, but if you want to enable TeamLink Extend, it’s a simple process, just like everything else on LinkedIn:

  • Sign in to your LinkedIn account;
  • Click on the Me icon on your homepage;
  • Open Settings and Privacy;
  • Tap the Account tab at the top of your page;
  • Find the Partners and Services, click change next to TeamLink Extend;
  • Move the toggle to the right to turn your TeamLink Extend on.

How To Expand Your Network Effectively

Building your professional network with TeamLink Extend has many benefits.

You can stay updated with industry developments and showcase your skills to recruiters. You can also establish your professional reputation and find new job opportunities.

Connecting with people you don’t know is beneficial, as it opens up new opportunities for growth and understanding of the industry. This tool can also help you grow your business.

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X Best Practices for TeamLink Extend

This helpful feature of LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows companies to enhance their network connections. It helps them to reach new leads and accounts by using the strength of their team’s network.

It does not provide the full Sales Navigator capabilities to members, but it’s a useful tool that can help Sales Navigator users make better connections.

TeamLink Extend surpasses the limitations of TeamLink, which only allows access to the network of up to 10 team members.

Potential Challenges and Solutions

As per potential challenges, like with any other service, users can come across technical difficulties, service outages, and downtime, of course. The solution for these issues is, of course, to regularly check for updates.

Also, there’s the price challenge. You’ve got to understand the pricing model before you sign up.

Final Thoughts

LinkedIn is a business network with over 950 million users. However, just having an account might not be enough.

To succeed professionally, you need to leverage additional features, such as TeamLink Extend, to expand your network and make new connections. By using these tools, you can confidently enhance your career prospects and open up new opportunities for success.

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Table of Contents