Simple & Fast - Set Up Your First Campaign In 3 Easy Steps

You know what LinkedIn outreach is all about. Find qualified leads, reach out with a connection Note or Inmail, and then chat with them about your offer. AimFox automates this process, leaving you with just the important part - pitching your offer!


Step #1: Sign up. It takes less than a minute!

Getting started with AimFox takes less than a minute. You don’t need a paid LinkedIn subscription, there’s no app to download, or browser extensions to install. All you need to do is connect your LinkedIn account and you’ll be ready to create your first campaign!


Step #2: Create your first campaign.

When it comes down to it - AimFox is a tool that lets you create personalized and highly targeted outreach campaigns.

Start by searching for the audience you want to target directly in the AimFox app. Select your ideal prospects based on location, industry, past and current companies, connections - and more. Once you’re satisfied with your selection - you can proceed to set up your personalized connection notes and InMails, as well as automatic follow-up sequences.


Step #3: Get hot leads delivered to your dashboard!

At this point, your LinkedIn lead generation is running on auto-pilot. So just sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee - and watch as new targeted leads are delivered straight to your Inbox. While chatting with your leads, you can tag them, leave notes, and manage them directly in our Leads CRM. How’s that for LinkedIn prospecting on auto-pilot?

Automate Your Lead Generation With AimFox

Sign up for a free trial today - and see how AimFox can help you get in touch with your ideal prospects, grow your professional network, and unlock the full potential of your business.

Use-Cases that fit Your Business

If you want to scale your business - we got you! AimFox is built for individuals, entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses and everything in between. LinkedIn is the best place to build connections and get meaningful conversions, and AimFox takes care of the heavy lifting for you.


AimFox can help you get a reliable and steady stream of high-quality leads and scale your startup fast - without having to scale your team.

Sales Teams

Find your ideal prospects, spark qualified conversations, convert them into customers, and meet (and exceed) your sales goals with AimFox.

Recruiters & HR

Manual prospecting takes time - time that is better spent elsewhere. Leverage AimFox’s robust features to reach out to qualified job seekers and connect with your future team members.


Freelancing is hard work - and finding new customers is even harder. AimFox helps you put yourself in front of the right audience and grow your professional network without putting in the hours.

Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

You can't scale a business without a little hustle. The problem? It takes a lot of time to find qualified leads, follow up with them and convert them into paying customers. Automate your day-to-day with AimFox and spend your time doing what matters.

Digital Marketing Agencies

Generate hot leads for your clients, help them grow, build brand awareness or conquer an entirely new sales channel. AimFox automates your LinkedIn prospecting efforts while you focus on content, business development and marketing strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely – AimFox is designed to keep your LinkedIn Account secure while you’re promoting your business. However, while AimFox follows all LinkedIn activity limits and is built to keep your account safe, it is your sole responsibility to follow LinkedIn guidelines and policies related to using third party tools, and you do so at your own risk.

This is a hard question. Linkedin reserves the right to change their allowed number of daily Connection Requests at any time, so this answer will change from time to time. AimFox automatically checks what the allowed maximum number of Connection Requests is every day, and never goes over that limit.

No – AimFox runs in the background even when you close your browser. Since it’s a cloud-based application, you also do not need to install anything on your device or browser.

Absolutely – using AimFox has no impact on your LinkedIn experience. You can still post and engage with other users. In fact, it’s encouraged, since it will make all your connections that much more meaningful and it will be easier to convert leads and grow your network.

You can personalize any of your Connection Notes, InMails and follow-up Messages with Custom Variables. These let you use the recipients Names, Jobs or Location in your campaigns to improve conversions and build an instant connection.

Never. AimFox will only reach out to a single user one time. If they were part of one of your campaigns, they will never be able to enter a different one. Users that are already part of a different campaign will show up in your Targeting Preview dropdown, and you can see exactly who was excluded from the campaign.

You can Blacklist a LinkedIn user to ensure they never enter one of your campaigns. We know LinkedIn is all about personal connections, and that also means that sometimes you may want to avoid reaching out to certain users.

There’s no better wingman on LinkedIn!

Stop wasting your time on manual prospecting. Put your business networking on auto-pilot with Aimfox. You just sit back and watch qualified leads come straight to you. Sign up and start your 14-day trial today!