Optimizing Recruitment Efforts: Leveraging the ‘Actively Recruiting’ Tag on LinkedIn

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Diving into a network into new potential candidates can be a nightmare for LinkedIn recruiters if the job postings aren’t optimized and published properly.

Unfortunately, that is the case in most situations – a new opportunity for applicants can be just as scary, given that most job opportunities are poorly presented and ill-informed.

However, LinkedIn’s developers decided to end this situation when they provided us with a phenomenal tool: the actively recruiting tag.

Its introduction immediately resolved one of the most critical issues on this digital platform – it has successfully optimized all search results regarding job postings.

The secrets behind this marvelous tool have remained hidden – until recently. If you wish to expand your business by using the full potential of the actively recruiting tag, we highly suggest that you stay until the end of the article.

On today’s menu, you can find the complete explanation of the actively recruiting tag and how to utilize it – simple and straight to the point!

Understanding the ‘Actively Recruiting’ Tag

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For a job search to end successfully, companies need to diversify their outreach capabilities. In the past, most job-searching endeavors had poor outcomes, particularly for those interested in being hired.

For example, could you imagine how likely it is to land a job through platforms such as LinkedIn, where someone else has taken the position or the company decided to turn down that proposition? A scary world out there, online, isn’t it? Well, it doesn’t have to be.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that there’s virtually a zero per cent chance of landing that job – as the seat for that job doesn’t exist, to begin with!

Why do those things occur?

In most cases, applicants browse a website and discover companies that aim for a connection between the recruiter and potential candidates, only to ultimately apply for a nonexistent vacant spot within that company – what, how could that be?!

The main issue is that most companies and recruiters forget to update and optimize the job posting accordingly. As such, all searches leading to that spot are fruitless, as the need for that job no longer exists.

To improve on this behalf, LinkedIn users were allowed to create a sign stating that the job search is regularly up-to-date through the actively recruiting tag.

Essentially, this tag’s main feature is to provide a “now hiring” note to all potential candidates interested in being a part of the industry.

It’ll immediately appear next to the company’s name, instantly catching the eye of job seekers browsing the platform, but more on that later.

For now, remember that the tag is a powerful tool for LinkedIn recruiters, offering a straightforward communication method and ensuring that privacy issues do not arise.

How to Add the ‘Actively Recruiting’ Tag

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Adding the actively recruiting tag to a LinkedIn profile might initially seem challenging.

Still, it’s an effortless procedure that empowers recruiters and hiring managers alike to enhance their visibility to job seekers effectively.

Without further ado, let’s learn how to enable the tag seamlessly:

Step 1:

You must log in to our LinkedIn account and navigate our company’s LinkedIn page. From there, clicking on the Admin tools dropdown menu at the page’s top right corner will lead you to the next destination.

Step 2:

Within the Admin tools, selecting Recruitment Preferences is imperative. It will immediately direct you to the page where you can manage various recruitment settings for our company.

Step 3:

Along those lines, you can find an option to toggle the Actively Recruitingtag on or off – simply switching to the on position will activate the tag for our company’s profile.

On the other hand, to make the most out of the Actively Recruiting tag and maximize visibility to job seekers – you should consider implementing some of the following tips:

  • Regularly updating job openings – Aim to keep your company’s LinkedIn page updated with the latest job openings and opportunities. In doing so, you’ll ensure accuracy but also demonstrate an ongoing recruitment activity.
  • Engaging with the LinkedIn community – If you actively engage with the LinkedIn community by sharing relevant content, participating in discussions, and overall networking with potential candidates – you’ll heighten the visibility of your profiles and attract more job seekers to your page.
  • Utilizing keywords and descriptions – Once you optimize your company’s LinkedIn profile with relevant keywords and comprehensive descriptions, the overall searchability will exponentially rise, and your profile will appear in relevant job searches conducted by candidates.

Benefits of Using the ‘Actively Recruiting’ Tag

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The benefits of utilizing the Actively Recruiting tag in recruitment efforts are manifold, offering companies a strategic advantage in attracting qualified candidates and expediting the hiring process.

First and foremost, the tag serves as a powerful magnet for talent, significantly increasing the visibility of job openings to a vast pool of potential candidates. By prominently displaying the company’s hiring status on its, now, optimized LinkedIn profile, recruiters can capture the attention of active job seekers actively browsing the platform for new opportunities.

Moreover, the Actively Recruiting tag fosters transparency and credibility in the recruitment process. By openly signaling their commitment to hiring, companies convey a sense of urgency and authenticity to potential candidates, enhancing trust and engagement throughout the hiring journey.

Rather than relying solely on passive methods such as job postings, recruiters can actively engage with candidates who express interest in their company’s open positions, thereby reducing time-to-fill and ensuring a steady influx of top talent.

Overall, the Actively Recruiting tag represents a strategic investment in talent acquisition, offering companies a competitive edge in the recruitment landscape.

By leveraging this powerful tool, recruiters can attract, engage, and ultimately hire the best candidates for their organization, driving long-term business growth and success.

Here’s a pro tip:

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Best Practices for Using the ‘Actively Recruiting’ Tag

Utilizing LinkedIn’s “Actively Recruiting” tag requires a strategic approach and adherence to best practices to maximize its impact on recruitment efforts. Here are some key strategies:

Craft Compelling Job Postings

When creating job postings, focus on crafting compelling and detailed descriptions highlighting company culture, mission, and value proposition. Use relevant keywords to clarify job responsibilities, qualifications, and benefits.

Regularly Update Job Openings

Keep job postings up-to-date to reflect the company’s current hiring needs. Remove outdated postings and refresh content to maintain relevance and accuracy.

Engage With the LinkedIn Community

Actively engage with the LinkedIn community by sharing industry insights, participating in discussions, and networking with potential candidates. Building a strong presence on the platform increases visibility and attracts top talent to your company’s profile.

Leverage Employee Advocacy

Encourage employees to share job postings and company updates with their networks. Employee advocacy amplifies your recruitment efforts and extends your reach to a wider audience of qualified candidates.

Monitor and Analyze Performance

Monitor the performance of your job postings and track metrics such as views, clicks, and applications. Analyzing data helps identify areas for improvement and refine recruitment strategies for optimal results.

By implementing these best practices, recruiters can effectively leverage the Actively Recruiting
Tag to create compelling job postings, attract top talent, and streamline the recruitment process on LinkedIn.

Utilizing the ‘Actively Recruiting’ Tag in Recruitment Marketing

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Integrating the Actively Recruiting Tag into recruitment marketing strategies can significantly enhance employer branding and attract passive candidates. Companies can broadcast their hiring status to a broader audience, thus increasing visibility and engagement with potential candidates.

One effective strategy is incorporating the tag into branded content and advertisements, emphasizing the company’s commitment to growth and opportunity. Additionally, showcasing employee testimonials and success stories alongside the tag can further enhance employer branding and demonstrate the company’s value proposition to prospective candidates.

Moreover, recruiters can utilize targeted messaging and personalized outreach to connect with passive candidates who may not actively seek new opportunities. By highlighting the Actively Recruiting tag in communications, recruiters can pique the interest of passive candidates and encourage them to explore career opportunities within the company.

Final Remarks

Let’s briefly review the key elements of the Actively Recruiting Tag:

  • Previously, people had severe difficulties diversifying which job postings were up-to-date – to resolve that issue, the developers behind LinkedIn introduced the Actively Recruiting tag.
  • Once you, as a candidate, notice that the tag exists on a job post, you can firmly believe that there’s a seat vacant within the company that interests you.
  • By regularly updating job openings, engaging with the LinkedIn community, and utilizing keywords and descriptions, you can further enhance and realize the full potential of the Actively Recruiting tag.

Fear not! If you wish expand your online business outreach capabilities, we suggest you inquire with us at Aimfox.

Until next time!

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