How To Find An Email Address By Name: 7 Helpful Tools

A picture showing many different ways of writing one email address.

Wanting to contact someone and not being able to do so must be one of the most frustrating things in any branch or any business out there.

I’m aware of this since I’ve been in this situation countless times and missed out on countless opportunities to make a ton of deals that would make me a hefty profit.

This only means that I know how it is, and what it’s like to deal with the situation where you’re not able to contact someone just because you don’t have the means, meaning you don’t have their email address.

Well, that can all change if you try out a couple of things.

I’ve made a list of 7 things that are the answer to the question of how to find an email address by name.

Let’s jump straight into the list and see what these helpful tools are!

Meeting The Options

There are a few different approaches to this situation, and I’ve decided to rank them from the least credible to the most credible, meaning that the 7th tip/tool will be the most reliable one on the list.

Now that you know how the list is organized, I can show you the list, and then we’ll get into every single way of finding an email address just by the name.

The List:

  1. Make your best guess
  2. Using an email lookup tool
  3. Searching on social media
  4. LinkedIn profile search
  5. Use alternative search engines
  6. Try Google “advanced search”
  7. Contact the support team

Now that you know which methods we’re about to discuss, we can dive in and take a look at these, one by one.

Make Your Best Guess

People tend to use generic email addresses in order to keep it as simple as possible and to leave as little room for error as they possibly can.

Communication via email may very well be disrupted by entering an email address wrong, and that’s why people use generic and easy-to-remember addresses.

This leaves you with an option to try one of the simplest tricks in the book and try sending an email to an address that very well may be the address you’re looking for.

While using this, you should keep in mind that there may be different options that are quite similar but very different at the end of the day.

This includes underscores and dots as the means of separating the words in the email address. It’s a good thing that your email won’t have a “sent” status if you send it to an invalid email address or to an address that doesn’t exist.

Although this may seem silly and not professional at all, oftentimes it’s the only option, depending on how hard it is to find the desired email address. Trust me when I say that an action in desperation often leads to success. Look at it as the last resort!

Using An Email Lookup Tool

Some of you might be surprised to see email lookup tools this early on the list since they are known to be quite “reliable” and “accurate”.

As you could conclude from my previous statement, I’m not a huge fan of these tools.

Although they may be useful from time to time, they oftentimes give bad results, if they give any results at all.

Free options are much worse than the paid ones, and the paid ones don’t give nearly as many positive “hits” as they should.

Looking for an email address isn’t easy and it shouldn’t be advertised as that. These email lookup tools promise you to find email addresses by name, yet they rarely do exactly that.

But, in some cases like looking for an email address that belongs to a company or a corporation, these tools do come in handy since they’re like a small search engine for emails.

If you have an URL code for the official website of the company whose email you’re looking for, you can copy it into an email lookup tool and there is a pretty high chance of it finding the email you’re looking for.

“When is this viable?” some of you may ask, and with perfect validity. Well, some companies have extremely bad and hard-to-navigate websites that are often outdated.

Instead of searching the whole website for the email, you can just copy the address of the website and use these tools.

An email finder tool will probably find you that email address in a situation like this, but if you’re looking for a personal email, don’t get your hopes up.

Some of you might ask “Is there a free email lookup?”, and the answer is – YES.

There are countless free email lookup tools out there, but just remember that even the paid ones don’t do the job a big percentage of the time.

Searching On Social Media

In order to make an account on any social media platform, in 99% of cases, you need an email. If a company you’re trying to contact or a person you’re trying to get a hold of over email has a social media account, chances are they have their email somewhere on there.

A thorough search of their social media accounts will probably lead you to the email they’ve used to create that account.

The only problem, and at the same time the only reason this method is this low on the list, is that sometimes people don’t use those emails for business or rarely check the mail on those email addresses.

In those cases, even if you found their email address, it means the chances of them seeing the mail you’ve sent them is quite low.

This is one of those things that neither you nor I can influence, and that aspect of luck is why this method is not to be trusted 100% of the time it shows results.

LinkedIn Profile Search

This is just a more sophisticated variation of the previous method/tool. LinkedIn is the most serious social media platform out there. It’s business oriented so people tend to leave their business contacts there.

That’s why you’ll probably have more luck searching LinkedIn than when searching Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Use Alternative Search Engines

Google tailors the search results in comparison to what you’re searching for and how you’re searching for it. In order to avoid the consequences of this, use an alternative search engine to find the contact.

If Google won’t give you the email you’re looking for, try DuckDuckGo or Bing – maybe you’ll have more luck there!

This may seem like one of those low-importance tools or ways of finding an email, but you’d be surprised about how often this gives results.

Google “Advanced Search”

There are certain ways of searching for things on Google that will give you exactly what you want if Google has access to it, and the chances are it has.

For example, if you type in “[name] + email (or) email address” in the Google search bar, you’ll surpass the preferred search and you’ll get what you’re looking for.

These kinds of searches are often used by people whose job is to find someone’s email or contact a person nobody from the company they’re working for has had contact with.

It just goes to show you how reliable this method is and why it is used as much as it is. If a method isn’t good, it won’t be used often, and “advanced search” on Google is used daily!

Contact The Support Team

The only problem with this method is that it works only for companies, but it works 99% of the time.

All you have to do is to contact the support team of the company you’re trying to contact and ask for the email you’re looking for.

If such an email exists and they’re allowed to give it to other people, they’ll provide you with the desired email address.

This is a bulletproof method that worked for me for as long as I can remember. And, I’m not the only one with experience like this with this method.

Support teams are there to help you with anything and everything they can, and that involves providing you with the email you’re searching for!

How To Find An Email Address By Name – Conclusion

If you’re still asking “How can you find out someone’s email address?” I highly recommend you scroll up and start reading from the start.

All of these 7 tips can be the answer to the question of how to find an email address by name and are viable (some more than others) options when searching for an email address you don’t have access to.

You should first distinguish between a company email and a personal email since many things depend on that.

Some of the methods are better for one thing, and some are better for the other thing.

But regardless of which method you use, the only important thing is that it leads you to find the desired email!